Privacy statement

Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens takes your privacy seriously and will process and use your data in a secure manner. This privacy regulation relates to the processing of your personal data by Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens as part of our services.

Processing personal data includes the collection, storage, modification, consultation or destruction of personal data.

How we handle your visit to our website and the use of cookies is described below.

Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens will handle your data with care and will comply with the applicable laws. This means that the Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens:

  • Informs you in a clear and open manner about how and for what purpose your data is processed
  • Processes your data only if there is a clearly agreed purpose with you Security measures are in place to protect your data against loss and theft
  • Informing you of your rights in relation to personal data processed by us

Why do we process data?

Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens processes your data because we are obliged to do so in some cases. You can think of invoice data such as name, address, postal code and place of residence. In addition, we would like to confirm our agreements with each other by e-mail or, if desired, by telephone.

We process data for the purposes of the following activities, among others:

  • Quotation process
  • Order and invoicing process
  • Establishing warranty
  • Conducting test drives
  • Carrying out marketing activities
  • Your personal data


If the Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens processes your personal data, you are allowed to view it. You may also request a copy of this data.


Should data have been incorrectly recorded by us, you have the right to have it amended.


You can ask us to delete the personal data we hold about you from our systems. In certain cases, we may not delete data due to other rules and laws. We will inform you of this. When we delete your data, we can no longer keep you informed about our promotions and other relevant information.

Provision of data

You may ask us to provide you with a copy of your personal data processed by us. Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens will make these available to you in a common and structured (digital) form.


Part of taking your privacy seriously is protecting your personal data. Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens takes extensive measures to protect your data.

Should, despite all measures, a security incident still occur, we will make every effort to minimise the consequences. Should the security incident turn out to be a data breach, we will notify the Personal Data Authority.


Even when you apply for a position within Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens, we take the security of your personal data seriously. We would like to explain how we handle the personal data you provide and how we ensure secure processing.

In order to apply for a job at Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens, we ask applicants to prepare a letter of application and send it to us together with a curriculum vitae. The personal data provided to us by job applicants will be treated confidentially and used exclusively for the application procedure at Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens. By sending the application letter and/or an e-mail with CV, the applicant agrees to the personal data being processed by van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens as part of the application procedure.

Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens processes personal data necessary for the purpose of the recruitment and selection process. It concerns the following data:

  • name and address, e-mail address and other contact details
  • Date of birth, age and sex, marital status, nationality, copy of passport
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) information on education, internships and work experience.
  • Availability and leave data
  • Other data that may be relevant in the context of assessing the candidate's suitability, e.g. references and certificates.

We collect and process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To contact you because of your expressed interest in a position with our organisation
  • To share your details with the manager who has a vacancy
  • To assess your suitability for a particular position
  • To possibly include you in a candidate list (if you have given your consent)
  • To compile anonymised statistical data on the recruitment and selection process.
  • We only share your data internally to the manager in charge of the application process. No data is shared with third parties unless we are required to do so by law.

We keep your personal data without consent until 1 year after the end of the application procedure. It is necessary for van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens to keep the data for this period, as this corresponds to the term of the temporary contract. Should the employment contract with a new employee be terminated within this contract, the other applicants can still be approached.

1 year after the end of the application process, your data will be permanently deleted from our systems.

Upon request, candidates can indicate whether they agree to their data being kept for a longer period of time so that they can be approached again should suitable positions become available within van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens. If you have agreed to be included in a candidate list, your data will in any case be deleted within 2 years after inclusion in the candidate list.

If you no longer wish us to keep your personal data, we will delete your data as soon as you request it. You can inform us of this by e-mail: b.verhappen@vdhurk.nl The same procedure can be used to request us to indicate what data we process about you, or ask us to complete or correct your data.

Where to go for questions and complaints

If, after reading this privacy statement, you still have questions about the processing of personal data by van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens, please send an e-mail to: b.verhappen@vdhurk.nl .

(This mail address can also be used if you have complaints about the processing of your personal data).

If you believe that Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens is in breach of privacy legislation, you can contact the Personal Data Authority.

Cookie policy

Van den Hurk Bedrijfswagens uses cookies and other techniques on the website vdhurk.nl. Cookies are small information files that are stored on the device you use to visit our website, such as a computer, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch, when you visit the website. Where we refer to "cookies" below, we also mean other similar techniques.

Cookies make it possible to recognise your web browser. Useful, because then you do not have to re-enter your details, indicate your preferences or change your settings. This way, we can also make our website work better, we can gain insight into visitor behaviour on the website and other parties can gain insight into your surfing behaviour so that they can show personalised ads across multiple websites and omit non-reviewable ads.

Cookies do not compromise the security of your computer.

Functional and non-functional cookies

Cookies can be divided into functional and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website or ensure that the desired information is displayed to you quickly and correctly each time you visit our website. Useful, because then you do not have to re-enter your data, indicate preferences or change your settings, for example. The non-functional cookies serve to inform us about the number of visitors to the website and how these visitors use the website. We can use this information to further improve our website.

We also use these cookies to show you appropriate ads on other sites or to provide you with targeted offers.

These files disappear automatically as soon as you close your internet browser or remain on your computer for up to 12 months after your last visit.

What cookies are there?

We distinguish between different types of cookies:

Functional cookies

These are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. For example, they ensure that you are quickly and correctly shown the desired information each time you visit our website. You do not need to request permission to place functional cookies.

Analytical cookies

We use these to analyse how our website is used, e.g. how often our website is visited, what page you arrive at on our website, which pages are most clicked on. If the analytical cookies do not have a major impact on privacy, consent does not need to be sought, otherwise it does.

Tracking cookies

These are cookies that can track your browsing behaviour on our website. This enables advertisers to show personalised online ads based on your surfing behaviour. We ask your permission to place these cookies.

Social media plug-in cookies

Social media plug-in cookies are used to display social media content on our website. We ask your permission to set these cookies.

Can you also turn off cookies?

Yes. You can always disable cookies yourself or delete them from your device. How you can do this varies depending on your internet browser and device. If you choose to delete cookies, the website may no longer function optimally and you may not be able to use some services.

Can this cookie policy be updated?

This cookie policy may be updated in the interim to announce changes. If changes are made to this document, you can see when this was last done by the date at the bottom of the document.
If we intend to use cookies for which you have given consent for other purposes, we will ask for your permission to do so.

Camera security

Our branch is equipped with cameras. This is important for your safety, but also for that of our colleagues and property. The camera images are deleted after a maximum of one (1) month, unless there are good reasons to keep the images longer, e.g. for investigation by a detective agency or the police.

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